Zoning Board of Appeals

Board Members

  • Chairperson, Gary Bell
  • Harmon Bakker¬†
  • Mary Funchion
  • Edward R. Mevec
  • Marco Pinque



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Application Process

Please note that the first step in the land use approval process is to apply to the Building Department for a building permit at pcook@villageofbuchanan.com. The Building Inspector will issue a referral if a land use approval is required from the Zoning Board or Planning Board.

The ZBA is a semi-judicial body which:

  • Interprets the local zoning ordinance and makes judgments on its meaning on special cases;
  • Has authority to grant zoning "variances" which modify the use and area restrictions of a zoning ordinance where strict interpretations of the ordinance results in unusual constraints or unnecessary hardships for a property owner;
  • May administer provisions of the ordinance that involve the granting of special permits for certain uses of land;
  • Is often required to interact with other boards or agencies (local, neighboring, County, State or Federal)
  • Consists of 5 members, each serving a 5-year term.

Open Applications

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