AMS Buchanan



Buchanan Dev AMS LLC is the contract vendee of the approximately 5.96-acre, unimproved property located at the corner of Craft Lane and Albany Post Road in the Village of Buchanan, New York. They propose to develop the site with a five-story, 148-unit multi-family residential building comprised of one- and two-bedroom dwellings, as well as residential amenities and parking, with a sidewalk along the site’s frontage on Albany Post Road, and, subject to NYSDOT approval, a crosswalk across Albany Post Road at Lindsey Avenue.

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Updates posted on November 8, 2023

Updates posted on December 7, 2023

Planning Board Presentation December 20, 2023

Updates posted December 27, 2023

Board of Trusteees Presentation January 2, 2024

Board of Trusteees Presentation February 6, 2024

Updates posted February 29. 2024


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